Bulletproof Coffee: Fact or Fiction?

If you’re like me, then you’ve seen and are at least CURIOUS about this “bulletproof coffee” that guys like Dave Asprey are showing up all over the internet selling on videos and other forms of media, right?

The idea is that in the way we make our coffee today, there are toxins that form naturally during some part of our process–I’m not claiming to be a genius here, just watch the video for yourself:

Step 1

He starts with the source and tells you straight off that you need to brew in the right “upgraded coffee beans” which he creates and he claims give you a very different mental feeling.  Don’t know if it’s true or not, but I can tell you that the “pour over” method is by far my favorite method of enjoying roasted coffee!  I’ll even make the barista’s at Starbucks mad because I’ll ask for it there–I feel like for $5 coffee, I can ask for a little extra service, but maybe that’s just me!

Step 2

Add about two tablespoons of butter, made from the milk of grass fed cows.  He mentions the yellow tint to the butter that you need in order to pull this drink off properly.  Don’t skimp here.

Step 3

Add “brain octane oil”?  Not for me, but I can’t say either way what the benefits, pros or cons are because I haven’t experienced it myself.

Step 4

Blend in the coffee, butter, and oil, and enjoy!

The recipe isn’t difficult, neither is the process–though it can certainly be time consuming.  But the end result is claimed to be creamier than a latte, tastier than your average cup of joe and providing you “good fat” calories that will supplement or compliment your average breakfast.

Have you tried bulletproof coffee?  Let us know what you think about it!

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