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5 Tips to Better Enjoy Your Coffee

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I don’t know about you, but I absolutely love coffee!

And even more, I love finding new ways to prepare and brew my coffee to produce different end effects–which generally results in different tastes, textures, and other variances, depending on the process.

Aside from switching up your initial source, your beans that you’re roasting, here are some tips to mix things up!

1. Try it over Ice!

Most coffee aficionados are instantly turned off by the thought of putting their beautiful, precious coffee over ice–and understandably so!  But every once in a while, as a nice way to change things up while still being able to enjoy your favorite caffeinated beverage,  and enjoy a sweet treat!

2. Implement the “trial run” brewing method!

If you’re brewing in a traditional at-how brewer, give this method a try.  Go ahead and put your water in and run it through the coffee-brewer once, to heat the water up.  Put that heated water back into the reservoir of your coffee maker and brew your coffee as you normally would.  This extra process will add an extra dimension to the overall product of your cup of joe.

3.  Press it!

In a different post, we discussed the potential value in implementing the “pour over” method of brewing your coffee–well here is another way to obtain a great flavor profile and texture, all while avoiding the somewhat tedious process of continually pouring water over beans for four or five minutes.

4. Roast your own beans!

Just as wine makers eventually grow their own vineyards, beer brewers grow their own hops, and sure enough, you can grown and roast your own coffee beans to ensure you’re touching every part of the process of your morning cup of coffee.

5. Work it into your exercise

A lot of big publications lately have been praising the potential of coffee and espresso as being used a pre-workout substance to help performance.  Of course, the coffee or espresso would have to be black–no cream or sugar, to achieve maximum results.  But, if used properly–and you can handle it, I see a lot of potential in using coffee in this way!

I hope you enjoyed these 5 tips on how to better enjoy your coffee!